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Business Ireland Cape Town (BICT) is an association that facilitates business networking opportunities for its members. We provide a platform and support structure for sharing information on business experiences in Cape Town and Ireland, including local context, knowledge, opportunities, challenges, lessons learnt and interpretations of the countries’ evolving statutory and regulatory environments.

BICT is an initiative of the Embassy of Ireland in Cape Town and was launched in December 2013 during the visit of former Minister of State for Trade and Development Joe Costello. Prior to that, a group of Irish business people had formed a more informal network that met to discuss some of the bottlenecks for doing business in Cape Town and to identify areas of common interest and concern.


BICT would like to invite organisations to sponsor workshops, breakfasts or conferences with a current topic of interest. This is a great platform to impart knowledge on to our extensive database of members and non members in the treasury industry


What we stand for


BISA is a business facilitation organisation with a number of key objectives.

  1. To collect and disseminate information to its members which will assist them in becoming familiar with market conditions and regulations.
  2. To assist those considering business opportunities in South Africa and or Ireland and to act as a focal point for new entrants to these markets.
  3. To facilitate presentations, discussions, seminars and other business networking activities for the benefit of its members and their guests.


It is a voluntary organisation supported by the Irish Government through its overseas development arms including the Irish Embassy and Enterprise Ireland.

Business Ireland Southern Africa has 3 chapters in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Our committee is voluntary with a Chairman, Hon Sec, Hon Treasurer and several committee members. There is a strong Irish presence in the Cape which is swelled considerably by the ‘swallows’ in Summer. As a group we are dedicated to implementing the key objectives, to creating a worthwhile informative, stimulating platform, whilst bringing together people of like minds, to progress opportunity for business and social interaction for the benefit of all. Please join us on our journey and make it work for you. We welcome members of all nationalities who share our common goals.

Growing Business Links

Both Ireland and Cape Town/Western Cape are beautiful places to visit but also top business destinations for new economy firms. One has been a rising economic powerhouse in Europe and the other on the Africa Continent. They are respectively gateways for Europe and the African Continent. They both have progressive political leadership and business development agencies. Dublin and Cape Town are well successful growing business cities poised for further growth. The opportunities abound, we just have to open the doors and work together to cultivate and expand them.


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