About FGW Generators & AJ Power

FGW Generators was established in 2007 by an experienced team with years of international power generation experience. From its establishment, FGW Generators have distributed diesel generators to 12 countries within the Sub-Saharan Africa region. FGW Generators joined AJ Power, a UK based manufacturer, in 2015. FGW Generators are now an exclusive distributor for AJ Power in South Africa. AJ Power’s head office is based on the Emerald Isle, with branches in England, Dubai, and subsidiaries in South Africa and Sweden.

Andrew Pigott, Business Development Manager FGW Generators, tells us why South Africa?

South Africa is a great hub both for the local South African market and the surrounding Sub Saharan countries. Both countries have an engineering history and a developed financial system to assist those businesses with a need. Neither country is shy of investment and have attracted some of the world’s largest multinationals. This is proof enough of their credentials and we can echo these sentiments.

What has been FGW Generators BICT experience?

Business Ireland Cape Town is a network that marries business knowhow to a relaxed environment. Everyone within the BICT family wants to help and assist companies do business, whether this is through their experiences or with knowledge they have gleaned in their day to day working lives. Business is all about efficiency and BICT ensures no time is wasted for companies looking to gain knowledge of the market.


AJ Power’s investment in FGW Generators and therefore South Africa has been worth it over the last 6 years. While investing in a new market/country is never easy, it is ably assisted by those who have done it before and networks such as BICT have been a real asset to our experience

Andrew Pigott

Business Development Director, FGW Generators


FGW Generators Office, Cape Town: +27213865116

Andrew Pigott

Business Development Director 


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