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Mackin is an award-winning Business Services Company with extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes, and from all across the world.  Mackin Group is headquartered in Cork, Ireland and operates globally. It was originally established in 2004 as a Health & Safety company. Today, Mackin is a group that contains two thriving companies: Mackin EHS, an evolution of the initial business; and Mackin Talent, a global talent solutions company with significant presence in North America, as well as offices in EMEA and APAC. Both companies are steered by CEO, Andrew Mackin.

Mackin Group two main focus areas include:

Mackin Talent: 

Providing custom talent management solutions for companies including direct hire, executive search, staff augmentation, recruitment or RPO services, SOW managed services, employer branding, learning and development programs, diversity and inclusion programs and many other tailored service options.

Mackin EHS: 

Providing a number of health, safety and environmental services including safety courses, risk assessments and helping businesses to achieve and maintain their Health and Safety and Environmental certification goals. 

Global Business with local understanding

Mackin consultancy is a global business services company operating in Ireland, USA, UK, Singapore and South Africa.

  • Ireland (Cork and Dublin)
  • United States of America (West Coast office – San Jose California, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Austin Texas) 
  • United States of America (East Coast Office – Charlotte, Rutherfordto and Realigh in North Carolina, Hartford Connecticut) 
  • Vancouver Canada
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • Singapore 
  • South Africa (Cape Town

What is the advantage of being a Business Ireland Cape Town member?

“I think being involved in many different networks over the years in our different locations helps you integrate into a new Region much quicker. I see a lot of great opportunities to work with other businesses within the BICT and even to have access to their knowledge and experience of the area would be a huge help to Mackin especially in the early days of setting up in Cape Town. I look forward to getting to know everyone over the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Andy Mackin

Managing Director, Mackin

Andy Mackin tells us why South Africa

“I think for us the opportunity to come to Cape Town is to have access to the thousands of graduates that are produced on a yearly basis. Access to good talent is very important to Mackin so that we can offer the best possible service to our clients. We see Cape Town and indeed South Africa as a whole to have great possibilities for growth and we are very excited about what lies ahead.”

Andy Mackin

Managing Director, Mackin

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