Business Ireland Cape Town co-hosts business breakfast in Dublin

Business Ireland Cape Town (BICT) recently had the pleasure of co-hosting its latest business breakfast in Dublin together with the South African Embassy represented by the South African Ambassador to Ireland, Ms Yolisa Maya. We are grateful to Investec Bank for sponsoring the event at the Royal Dublin Society; and delighted to be joined by visiting guest speaker Justice Edwin Cameron, Chancellor of Stellenbosch University.

Business Ireland Cape Town was represented by its board members Mr Liam Mac Gabhann (former Irish Ambassador to South Africa), Mr Anthony Tattan, Ms Julie-May Ellingson and Ms Roxanne Smith.

The theme of the breakfast was “Understanding the work and business opportunities between South Africa and Ireland” especially in this case as they relate to education, technology, telecoms and outsourcing.

The Ambassador welcomed our honoured guest, Justice Edwin Cameron to Dublin and offered her appreciation to all who attended the breakfast. She introduced Justice Edwin Cameron to the attendees and offered her gratitude to him for his role in activism and an anti-apartheid future in South Africa. She highlighted the importance of the relationship between South Africa and Ireland, in both educcontinuingation and business spheres; and thanked Justice Cameron for  to build this relationship between the two nations.

Justice Cameron gave a powerful address on South Africa – its educational abilities, the potential of the people, the strength of the elections, and his role in anti-apartheid, LGBTQ and Aids activism. As the new Chancellor of Stellenbosch University, he has approached several educational institutions in Europe to bring to the forefront the capabilities of South African Educational Institutions and its students. As a university, it has proudly been on an upward trajectory on the World University Rankings scale year after year.

Additionally, a few of the attendees spoke about their journey and expansion into South Africa, touching on both the challenges and successes. Those who spoke included Mr Tony Flynn (Kusa Africa Travel), Mr. Anthony Tattan (IP Telecom), Adie McGennis (Sigmar Recruitment) and Mr Dave Kerr (Vision Business Technology). They offered great insight into their experiences and definitely created an appetite for the others who attended.

Mr. Liam Mac Gabhann thanked the Ambassador for her continued support of Business Ireland Cape Town and Justice Cameron for his incredible work in South Africa, as well as his efforts in building the bridge between Ireland and South Africa. Mr. Mac Gabhann is extremely passionate about South Africa and its prospects. He reiterated that “South Africa is up there with the best in terms of the technology that exists and the tertiary systems are some of the best universities in the world”. He reminded everyone “that South Africa is a young democracy, only 27 years and that it takes a couple of generations for things to taper down,” he added that he “thinks the political system is trying to do that in the right way”. Additionally he mentioned the great work and strong bonds by Ambassador Maya and Ambassador Gilsenan (Irish Ambassador to South Africa) and that there is a lot to be gained through the Irish/South African relationship. Lastly, he thanked everyone for their honest and positive feedback, and for attending the business breakfast.

The attendees included Sean Hogan – Setanta College; Willem Geerlings – Deputy South African Ambassador to Ireland; Maria Deady – Dublin Chamber; Zandisile Pase; Stephanie Sheridan – Investec; Kealan Delaney – Delmec; Kevin O’Loughlin – Nostra; Allan Boyle – Saltwater Consulting; Darryn Havenga – Stellenbosch University; Alan Clarke – Vision Business Technology; Sarah Archer – Stellenbosch University; John Sharpe – BillSave

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