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As an organisation we are here to promote business particularly in SA and Ireland. We facilitate introductions, friendships and guidance. If we can help we will. If you can help please do. We want to join together and maximize the SA Ubuntu and the Irish Failte. Stronger together. 


Irish Embassy

The Embassy of Ireland in South Africa was established in 1994, following the country’s transition to democracy.

The Irish Government established an Embassy in South Africa in 1994. The Embassy is situated in Pretoria, the administrative capital, but it also maintains a small liaison office in Cape Town, the seat of parliament.

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Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. We work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets.

In this way, we support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment.

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